We Are Fora

Weisman Design Group is now Fora Landscape Architects

Established over 40 years ago, we are a studio of passionate individuals who believe in the restorative power of landscape architecture. We bring people together through environments that live and breathe — promoting social well-being and a connection to nature.

Our work is design-forward and purpose-driven, and our success depends on finding harmony within the complex problems we solve. We design spaces that connect, but we are also the connector — balancing the contributions of each individual, team, and community in service of a common goal.

So it is with great pleasure that we embark on the next 40 years with a new studio space in the Roosevelt Neighborhood and a new name that reflects the evolution of our firm and values: Fora Landscape Architects.

Fora — the plural of forum — is a name that signifies a place for openness and exchange, where ideas and conversation occur. In its original Latin, Fora means simply “what is out of doors”, a most fitting description of the spaces we work so passionately to create.

We meet every project with openness, curiosity, creativity, and the kind of resilience that is built over decades of experience. We are excited to become Fora: a studio that innovates and cultivates in tandem with its partners, clients, and communities to create a more connected world.

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