September 11, 2023

The Hummingbird Mural

Angelina Villalobos Soto (Artist Superhero Name “onesevennine”) is a local PNW artist whose work is inspired by her Americanized Mexican Catholic upbringing. Her artistic vision guided by a quote from local KEXP DJ Gabe Teodros: “If a tree can’t grow there, I can’t grow there”, Angelina’s murals burst with life and vitality as she seeks to depict nature and animals thriving in tough urban conditions. Her work blends elements of graffiti, anime, folklore, and fairytales, and she seeks to foster mindfulness and meaningful connections through her art installations for the local community.

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In the late summer of 2021, Fora sent out a request for proposals for a new mural that would serve as the central focal element of our new office space and as a backdrop to our collaborative design hub. It was also important to us that the art be visible from the street by the community and be lit and available to serve as a part of the neighborhood identity. We sought a proposal that would speak to the intersection of natural and human made spaces and help foster daily inspiration and imagination.

We loved Angelina’s proposal that highlighted the vibrant colors of the Pacific Northwest and paired them with a dream-like take on the PNW’s landscape and vegetation. Pulling references from local botanical gardens that frame the central figure, Angelina’s mural features an Anna’s Hummingbird that is native to the West Coast and is symbolic as a messenger of joy. Spilling over and growing up and around the concrete column are fern-like leaves that spiral into a colorful vortex portal that frames the meeting room.

Check out more of her art here: