Seattle Public Schools BEX V Playgrounds

Project Overview

The maintenance of playgrounds in the Seattle School District has historically been the responsibility of the school or Parent-Teacher Association via the Self-Help program. As a result, there is little consistency in play equipment quality and maintenance across the District. Given differences in available resources, the state of equipment and access to usable equipment can vary greatly from school to school. The BEX V playground improvements projects were a result of Capital Projects and Planning working with Facility Operations to make improvements to all playgrounds across the district.


Seattle, WA


Seattle Public Schools

Fora assisted in providing design, facilitating community engagement with the school communities, management of the request for proposal and bidding process to various play equipment vendors, and construction administration throughout the 2020 and 2022 Playground Improvements projects.

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For Daniel Bagley Elementary School, which included extensive improvements with new hard-surface paving and a new synthetic turf play field, Fora successfully guided the client through the City permitting process with SDCI. Improvements to the playgrounds included improved accessibility such as ADA ramps, new paving and new safety surfacing, and installation of new play equipment.

2020 Playground Projects:

  • Dunlap Elementary School
  • Green Lake Elementary School
  • Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Lowell Elementary School
  • McGilvra Elementary School
  • Montlake Elementary School
  • Olympic View Elementary School

2022 Playground Projects:

  • Daniel Bagley Elementary School
  • Graham Hill Elementary School
  • Laurelhurst Elementary School
  • Wedgwood Elementary School
  • North Queen Anne / Cascade Parent Partnership

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