Midstation Bellevue

Project Overview

Sited between the future Bellevue Downtown Sound Transit Link Station and East Main Link Station as well as a series of open plazas and green spaces along 110th Ave NE between NE 6th Street and Main Street, the Midstation Bellevue project is directly positioned to benefit from pedestrian and transit enhancements to the surrounding neighborhood. Directly adjacent to the project across the street from 110th Ave NE is the Main Street Place project, which will provide future office and residential towers and a town square that will directly make connections to the Midstation project. Across NE 2nd Street, multiple pocket parks will be provided as part of the East Link Implementation Strategy.

With these improvements in mind, the project team seeks to provide a new frontage identity to the Midstation project, improve the pedestrian experience and entry sequence at the street level, and provide design and visioning throughout the Midstation project from the entry plaza, atrium, and roof terraces.


Bellevue, WA


Unico Properties

Design Partner

WRNS Studio

Site Design

Taking inspiration from the expansive mountain views of the Cascades and Mount Rainier (Tahoma) beyond from the Level 3 Terrace, the design team proposes a guiding trail climb design narrative for the Midstation Bellevue project. The entry plaza is named the “Trailhead”, marked by the new architectural canopy that extends out to the intersection but also inspired by the experience of walking below a canopy of trees and the dappled light that comes through the foliage. The project team proposes several pedestrian-friendly fixed wood seating elements, including a “Perch” terraced seating element at the intersection that opens out the corner to receive pedestrians coming from the North and provides a visual connection to the future park that will be constructed by Sound Transit across NE 2nd Street. An art element is proposed at the entry as part of the new visual identity for the project in lieu of existing tree planters that were obscuring the entrance. Updated paving is proposed at the entry plaza, with a materiality that can potentially flow into the lobby to provide a cohesive experience from the entry plaza into the Midstation building. Future improvements are proposed further south along 110th Ave NE, including café retail activation at the street level and a “Basecamp” patio with site furniture, planters, catenary lighting, and decking. Additional future improvements proposed include implementing a new sidewalk and providing a new steel edge to the planters along 110th Ave NE.

Named the “Meadows”, the atrium is a continuation of the journey from the entry plaza and lobby experience. With the interior opening up to the skylights above, the design team was inspired by the sensation of emerging from the forest and entering into an alpine meadow. Working with the architect and interior planting concepts team, the landscape team will assist in any way possible to keep the design narrative and journey cohesive throughout the interior.

On Level 3, the atrium flows out to the roof lounge and terrace, which is named the “Summit Terrace” and is inspired by views of the Cascades and Mount Rainier (Tahoma). The design features a sculptural deck seating element that frames views to the mountains, serving as an observation deck or “Lookout”, and as a destination to the journey narrative. Steel planters and wood elements are designed with angular forms to evoke the “rocky” nature of the summit experience. In conjunction with the nanawall proposed at the lounge that will open to the roof terrace, pavers that flow from the lounge to the exterior are proposed to create an indoor-outdoor experience. Along the south end, a privacy screen and mounded planting for trees is proposed to provide some wind buffer and visual barrier to the adjacent building.