Lynndale Elementary

Project Overview

Sited adjacent to Lynndale Park and a large wildlife ravine listed as a fish and wildlife priority habitat by the City of Lynnwood, the new campus design for Lynndale Elementary embraces its natural surroundings and seeks to provide physical connections and inspirational views to nature. Saving existing mature native conifer trees on the south and east side of the property were key design goals.

The main entry plaza features a linear series of planters with native and rain garden plantings that provide a visual connection from the entry plaza to the courtyard, play lawn, and ravine beyond. A precast work table with a water spigot empties into the bioretention planter, which is planted with native shrubs and emergents similarly found in the adjacent ravine. Other informal moments for quiet learning and immersive play are provided throughout the site with outcrops of cascade granite boulder seating, a cobble stormwater runnel connected to the library downspout that features a large granite slab bridge, gardening beds, log round seating rings and a willow hut. The soft-surface play area was reimaged with a rockery hillside climb and a pair of hill slides that provide a new and fun element for students. A large hard-surface play area is provided with new striping, and the existing play field was restored and preserved.


Lynnwood, WA


Edmonds School District

Design Partner