Lakewood High School

Project Overview

Nestled in its local heritage and geography.

The new Lakewood High School is designed to foster a sense of individual identity for students within a larger community that they can contribute to by creating a sense of community at different scales—civic, academic and intimate. From performances to sporting events and social gatherings, the high school is a centerpiece for the Lakewood community at large, with space to gather, celebrate, connect, and learn.
Academic proficiency is a core component of Lakewood High School’s contemporary education, but there is also strong emphasis on the essential “soft skills” of problem-solving, collaboration and meaningful contribution. The new school is a place where students feel safe and supported, where they have cutting edge technology at their fingertips anywhere in the school, and where they form lasting relationships and a sense of belonging to a larger learning community.
The design concept of Lakewood High School reflects contemporary values and is mindful of local heritage and its place in the geography. Bridging lakes and farmlands to the west and encroaching commercial properties to the east, the site is experienced by most people in their cars, passing by on the highway. Traversing the gentle surround hills, the experience of the high school site is one of horizontal motion.


Arlington, WA


Lakewood School District

Design Partner

McGranahan Architects