Juanita High School

Project Overview

A high school reimagined with connectedness, beauty, and expansion at its heart.

The new Juanita High School building holds space around a central outdoor courtyard, bringing students and faculty together, supporting gatherings of all sizes, and cultivating community through connection to art studios, commons, and classrooms.


Kirkland, WA


Lake Washington School District

Design Partner

Integrus Architecture

Inspired by urban plazas like Pioneer Square, we sought to design a sort of ‘town square’ — a space where students could learn, gather, rally, eat, and relax in nature. Accessibility and equitable access were important pillars of success, so we worked closely with the school district, architect, and community members to ensure the needs of all students, faculty and visitors were accounted for.

Beyond just a place to gather, the courtyard needed to support learning and celebration. We achieved that by connecting the outdoor spaces to classrooms and commons adjacent to the courtyard, providing integrated seating through raised planters which support casual gathering and socializing, and creating a promenade that moves from the entry plaza to the athletic fields, functioning as a processional space on game days and for community celebrations.

We designed with consideration for the existing wetland, as well as an emphasis on the longevity and sustainability of the materials in use. Bioswales receive and treat stormwater on site; Native plants and low-maintenance plantings reduce the impact on grounds staff; and careful design and planning went into preserving and improving the adjacent wetland and forest. The site repaired a large amount of wetland on site and updated a bridge over the existing stream for students to better engage with the connected woodland.

We are proud to have helped create a space for students to gather and exchange ideas, interact, play, and grow together. The new school is connected to nature, inside and out, with a healthier relationship to the wetland and woodland it sits within, as well as a lively inner world where students and faculty can enjoy fresh air, sunny days, and a dynamic educational environment.