Firgrove Elementary School

Project Overview

An elementary school truly connected with nature.

The natural beauty of the site was the principal guide as the Fora design team embarked on early concept design for Firgrove Elementary School. Working closely with Puyallup School district and Mahlum Architects, the rich setting of Douglas Fir trees and meadow provided cues for where to site the building and how to weave in nature into every space and view corridor.
From the point kids are dropped off, they are immersed in nature. The entry doors are intentionally set further back than a typical school, setting kids on a short journey along rain gardens, abundant native planting, and towering fir trees. Between the two wings of the school is a generous bioretention swale that collects and treats rainwater from the building. Kids are encouraged to interact with this natural process via several bridges that cross the lush reeds and Quaking Aspen grove.


Puyallup, WA


Puyallup School District

Design Partner

Mahlum Architects
LPD Civil Engineers
Neely Construction

Through thoughtful design, the students and faculty of Firgrove Elementary will experience a greater connection with nature every day.